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  1. The Merrell Brothers help people accumulate, preserve, and distribute wealth. We do this by getting to know the client, in depth market research, and developing a personal portfolio based on the clients’ needs.
  2. Our mission is to make our clients’ lives better by helping families navigate the challenges of investing and planning for retirement or achieving your other financial goals. We try to inspire our clients to adopt financial discipline, control, and freedom.
  3. Our investment objective is to create a portfolio of undervalued securities that contain high quality companies and Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) for our clients. The firm seeks to achieve meaningful long-term growth.
  4. Each client account will be managed separately and personalized depending on the client’s needs, goals, wealth, and risk tolerance.
  5. Buying and selling securities will be based on our independent unbiased investment research and deep fundamental analysis. We strive to gain a full understanding of the nuts and bolts of a company including their financials and competitors.
  6. Merrell Brothers, LLC will be following several of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Benjamin Graham’s core investment principals. These potentially include finding investments that maintain a corporate moat, durable competitive advantage, high return on equity (“ROE”), minimal or no debt, high cash and cash equivalent balances, low capital expenditures, and high free cash flows.
  7. Merrell Brothers, LLC believes that not all ETFs are created equal and our goal is to find a basket of superior ETFs that suit our clients.  We constantly monitor, value, and research ETFs that will benefit your portfolio.  ETFs provide investors with instant diversification, a tax efficient vehicle, and usually a lower expense ratio.
  8. We anticipate the market will encounter negative events and volatility, which potentially represent buying opportunities.
  9. Our firm is a family owned and operated business. Management and the firm may invest in the same securities that are purchased on behalf of our clients.
  10. We are independent of banking, investment banking, biased research, investment products, mutual funds, hedge funds, financial products, and banking products. The firm is not selling any financial products or inflating any commission costs.
  11. Merrell Brothers, LLC has a fiduciary responsibility to each of our clients as we put the needs of the client before the needs of our firm and employees.
  12. We can manage Individual, Joint, IRA’s, ROTH IRA’s, 401(k)’s, Corporate Pensions, Profit Sharing Plans, KEOGH’s, and Trust accounts.
  13. Merrell Brothers, LLC seeks to provide clients with complete transparency of their accounts. Independent third party firms like Scottrade will actually hold client accounts.
  14. Investments have risks and returns are not guaranteed. Investors may lose some value of their investments. However, our firm will attempt to manage and mitigate these risks to benefit of our clients.
  15. “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Warren Buffett. Retirement planning should be a significant part of everyone’s life because we all need to plan for a secure future.
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