Financial Planning

The Merrell Brothers are here to help you plan for a bright future and become financially independent.  Our staff will review your current situation and create a unique financial plan for you.  We provide holistic financial planning, specific financial review, and continuous monitoring of the plan.  Our team will review your current financial situation and provide unbiased recommendations and feedback.  We focus on your current net worth, personal goals, spending habits, budgeting, debt analysis, retirement, protection strategies, personal savings, tax efficiency, estate planning, and investment management.

Financial planning synopsis

  1. Know your starting point by understanding your family’s after tax income and balance sheet.
  2. Plan where you want to be personally and financially. Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, and beyond?
  3. Budgeting is an excellent tool for financial awareness. How much are you earning and saving each month? Frequently look back at your budget to see if you are on target. If you do not have the cash to buy something then do not buy it!
  4. Save as much money as you reasonably can and avoid the dreaded lifestyle creep. When you make more money, save more and spend practically. Saying no to instant gratification is easier when you have important long term goals.
  5. Make sure you are earning your fair value, if under paid then ask for a raise at an appropriate time. Find additional streams of income.
  6. Improving your credit score will provide you with better borrowing opportunities.
  7. Have a risk management plan in place and buy just enough insurance today and adjust the coverage as your needs change.
  8. Paying off debt can be a great investment. Focus on paying off your high interest debt first or you can snowball debt payments by paying off your smallest debts first.
  9. Invest in yourself and always improve yourself. Look at the cost benefit analysis of extra training or a degree. If you can quickly pay off the cost of the training then take advantage of it!
  10. Investing the assets you have accumulated is a significant step in preparing for your retirement. The Merrell Brothers investment objective is to create a portfolio of undervalued securities that contain high quality companies and Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) for our clients.
  11. Working through the financial planning can be overwhelming. Consider hiring a fee only investment and financial planning firm that has a fiduciary duty to their clients.  The Merrell Brothers Investment Management team always works in your best interest and we are a fee only firm.  Fee only means we do not make a commission from selling a financial product to our clients.  The Merrell Brothers are independent which means we are not required to invest in company specific products.
  12. This journey will be hard work and unfortunately there are no short cuts. You need to fully commit to your journey. Making lots of small changes will culminate in you reaching your goal.  You can do it!!

About us: The Merrell Brothers help people accumulate, preserve, and distribute wealth. We do this by getting to know the client, in depth market research, and developing a personal portfolio based on the clients’ needs.  Our mission is to make our clients’ lives better by helping families navigate the challenges of investing and planning for retirement or achieving your other financial goals. We try to inspire our clients to adopt financial discipline, control, and freedom.  “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Warren E. Buffett.

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