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We offer straight forward & unbiased financial advice

We create a unique investment and financial plan for each client

We have a fiduciary duty to always put the client first

We buy low cost independent investments based on our own research

Contact us today in Jacksonville, FL at 904-222-8881 or

Merrell Brothers Investment Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that offers personalized financial planning and ongoing portfolio management based on our in-house fundamental analysis. We help our clients become financially independent and plan for a bright future.  The firm is not influence by sales commissions or sponsored investments. We manage your portfolio with the purpose of reaching investment goals that are suitable for you. Our team personalizes each portfolio allocation based on the needs and goals of our clients. The firm will be following several of Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Benjamin Graham’s core investment principals. These potentially include finding investments that maintain a durable competitive advantage, high return on equity (“ROE”), minimal or no debt, high cash and cash equivalent balances, low capital expenditures, and high free cash flows.

In addition to focusing on individual stock portfolios, Merrell Brothers, LLC offers an Exchange Traded Funds (“ETF”) portfolio option using some of the principals above. ETFs provide investors with instant diversification, a tax efficient vehicle, and usually a lower expense ratio. We typically recommend a blended portfolio of both individual stocks and ETFs to meet the client’s financial goals. Your account will be separate, not pooled, and held at a brokerage firm or other custodian independent of us. Your name will be on the account and you will retain all indicia of ownership.

Merrell Brothers, LLC conducts business within the state of Florida, our home office is based in Jacksonville, FL. Additionally, the firm potentially can advise clients outside of the state. We offer investment advice to individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, charitable organizations, and businesses. Merrell Brothers, LLC Investment Management is not trying to offer securities or investment advice through the website and would only do so if registered or excused from registration in the web visitor’s state. Investments have risks and returns are not guaranteed. Investors may lose some value of their investments. However, our firm will attempt to manage and mitigate these risks to benefit of our clients.

We currently recommend the use of Scottrade, Inc., (visit at as the custodian of your account.



Why choose Merrell Brothers


Investment Objective

The investment objective is to compose a portfolio for the client using high quality growth and value companies and Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) in order to achieve the...
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Investment Philosophy

We may purchase or sell various equity securities and/or ETF’s, which may include, but are not limited to small, mid, and large capitalization securities and international securities...
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ETF Portfolio Allocation

The Merrell Brothers investment team offers five different Exchange Traded Funds (“ETF”) Portfolios which depend on several personal factors including age, risk...
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Blog and Research

The Merrell Brothers Investment Management team believes Michael Kors (Kors) (NYSE:KORS), a leader in global fashion, is currently trading at an attractive valuation and...

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